Dart Plugin for Eclipse

The Dart plugin for Eclipse provides much of the functionality of Dart Editor within your existing Eclipse installation. The Eclipse plugin is not supported on Windows. Do not use the Eclipse plugin on Windows. To learn about other tools you can use for Dart development, see Dart Tools.

Getting and installing the Dart plugin

In Eclipse, choose Help > Install new software… and add this URL:


Want to get new features a few weeks earlier than users on the stable channel? Try the dev channel:


After Eclipse installs the plugin and downloads the latest SDK, restart Eclipse.

Getting Dartium

To run and debug Dart applications natively, you must install a copy of Dartium (a Chromium build with a Dart VM) into Eclipse. The Dartium executable expires after 1 year, and a new stable version of Dart is released approximately every 6 weeks, so you should update Dartium, the plugin, and the SDK periodically.

To install or update Dartium, first open the Eclipse Preferences dialog and go to the Dart > SDK page. Its Dartium section tells you:

  • Whether Dartium is currently installed
  • Where to install Dartium
  • The URL where you can download Dartium

Updating the SDK

Every time you update Dartium or the Dart plugin, you should also update the Dart SDK.

To update, go to the Preferences dialog’s Dart < SDK page, and click the Upgrade SDK button. That page also shows current version of the SDK that is installed.

Filing bugs and feature requests

To see existing issues or create a new one, go to the plugin issue list. Because the plugin shares much of its code with Dart Editor, you might also want to check Dart Editor issues.