Searchable List

This simple application shows the use of a custom element where list data is searchable. The demonstrates the following parts of Polymer:

  • defining custom elements
  • the <template> tag
  • HTML imports
  • data binding

The <searchable-list> element uses data binding to implement search. See the searchable_list.html and the searchable_list.dart files for the code.

The SearchableList class uses three variables in the search implementation:

  • data stores all the data in the list
  • searchParam stores the search parameter
  • results stores the elements of data that match the search paramater

When the user types in the search input, the search() method triggers, and the value of results is updated. Since results is an observable variable, its representation in the UI automatically updates as its contents change.

Here is the minimal code for required to implement search (searchable_list.dart):

search() {
  String lower = searchParam.toLowerCase();
  results.addAll(data.where((d) => d.toLowerCase().contains(lower)));

Any changes to searchParam trigger search(). Here is the code for that (the enteredView() method in searchable_list.dart):

onPropertyChange(this, #searchParam, search);

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