Dart provides several tools to help you write and deploy your web and command-line apps. These tools include:

pub: The Dart package and asset manager

Download and install packages of libraries, prepare your app for deployment, and more.

Dart Editor

Edit, run, and debug web and command-line apps.

Dartium: Chromium with the Dart VM

Run Dart web apps. This is a special build of Chromium (the project behind Google Chrome).

dart2js: The Dart-to-JavaScript compiler

Convert your web app to JavaScript, so it can run in non-Dartium browsers.

dart: The standalone VM

Run your command-line apps—server-side scripts, programs, servers, and any other apps that don’t run in a browser.

dartanalyzer: The static analyzer

Analyze your Dart source from the command line.

All of these tools are available in the Dart Editor download, but you can also download Dartium or the SDK separately.

For information about these and other tools, see Dart Tools.