Dart Tips: Short Video Tutorials

Sometimes, you only have 5 minutes. Watch super short introductions to Dart language and library topics.

Ep. 1: A Simple Dart Script

Welcome to Dart Tips, the video series that teaches you all about Dart. In our first episode, we show you a simple Dart script and get you comfortable with reading Dart code.


Ep. 2: Runtime Modes

Dart runs fast in production mode, and runs with type assertions in checked mode. Learn about Dart's two runtime modes and when to use each of them for maximum developer feedback and speed.


Ep. 3: Variables

Dart is optionally typed, so variables can have type annotations. You can also mark variables as final to ensure they will point to one and only one object. Watch this episode to learn more about variables in Dart.


Ep. 4: Strings, Numbers, Booleans, Oh My!

The trifecta of built-in types is strings, numbers, and booleans. Watch this episode to learn how to initialize them with literals, the difference between ints and doubles, and what is truthy and falsey in Dart.


Ep. 5: Collections In Dart

Dart comes with lists, queues, maps, and sets out of the box. Watch this episode to learn how to pick the right collection class for the job. Fun tip: did you know that the Dart language spec doesn't use the word 'array'?


Ep. 6: Functions Are Fun, Pt 1

Functions are the basic building blocks for any app. Dart supports top-level functions, optional parameters, default parameter values, and more. Watch this episode to learn about the basics of functions in Dart.


Ep. 7: Functions Are Fun, Pt 2

Functions are true objects in Dart. Watch this video to learn more about nested functions, functions as arguments, and lexical closures. Get ready for more FUNctional tips in Dart!


Ep. 8: Control Flow Statements

Take back control and learn more about Dart's control flow statements. All the greatest hits are here, if, while, for, and switch. Plus, this video shows you a helpful tweak that should make web developers quite happy.


Ep. 9: Exceptions

Learn how to gracefully handle exceptions and errors in Dart. Don't get caught off guard the next time you run into an error, learn more about try, catch, finally, and throw.


Ep. 10: Classes: Setters & Getters

Dart is a pure class-based object oriented language. In this first video covering classes in Dart, learn more about how getters and setters help you scale Dart code from simple fields to richer encapsulation.


Ep. 11: Classes: Constructors

Dart offers many types of constructors, including an implementation of the factory pattern. Learn more about constructors, field initialization, named constructors, and factory constructors in Dart.


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