Books on Dart

Here’s a collection of books about Dart. Let us know if you find another book that we should add.

Web Programming with Dart

Written by Moises Belchin and Patricia Juberias

Web Programming with Dart is for programmers who want to master the new Dart programming language from Google, and also web developers who want to understand how Dart can integrate perfectly with HTML5 and CSS3. With this book you will understand the ins and outs of the language, how the tools work, and how to get the most from the core functions and libraries. Web Programming with Dart is a practical, example-led book, with case studies involving developing UI animations for the web, working with web services such as JSON, server side Dart applications, and the new Polymer.dart library for advanced HTML UI web components generation.

Mastering Dart

Written by Sergey Akopkokhyants

Starting with a discussion about the basic features of Dart, we will dive into the more complicated concepts such as generics, annotation with reflection, errors and exceptions, which will help us improve our code. Moving on, you will learn how and when to create objects and also advanced techniques that will help you execute asynchronous code. You will also learn about the collection framework and how to communicate with the different programs written in JavaScript using Dart.

Dart Cookbook

Written by Ivo Balbaert

This book is a pragmatic guide that will increase your expertise in writing all kinds of applications, including web apps, scripts, and server-side apps. It provides rich insights on how to extend your Dart programming skills.

Aprende Dart

Written by Moises Belchin and Patricia Juberias

Aprende Dart is the first Spanish-language book about Dart. Aprende Dart es el primer libro en Español para programadores y diseñadores web que quieran conocer el lenguaje, aprender a manejar las herramientas y trabajar con las principales funciones y librerías. Conocerás la historia que hay tras el lenguaje y cómo surge, crearemos animaciones para interfaces gráficas web y trabajaremos con servicios web, veremos el potencial que nos brinda Dart en el lado servidor y comenzaremos a trabajar con Polymer.dart.

The Dart Programming Language

Written by Gilad Bracha

Dart makes it easier for programmers to build structured modern web apps that scale from simple scripts to the largest systems. The Dart Programming Language is an authoritative and rigorous description of the Dart language. Written by Dart spec lead Gilad Bracha, it is designed for computer scientists, advanced students, and experienced software professionals. It is intended to be a readable textbook that introduces the language, its rationale and its philosophy.

Dart for Absolute Beginners

Written by David Kopec

Dart for Absolute Beginners enables individuals with no background in programming to create their own web apps while learning the fundamentals of software development in a cutting edge language. Easily digested chapters, while comprehensive enough to explore the whole domain, are aimed at both hobbyists and professionals alike. The reader will not only gain an insight into Dart, but also the technologies behind the web. A firm foundation is laid for further programming studies.

Learning Dart

Written by Dzenan Ridjanovic and Ivo Balbaert

Learning Dart provides you with a thorough overview of this new open source programming language. It will guide you step-by-step through building games and business applications for the Web, taking advantage of the power behind a modern language combined with HTML5. Learning Dart starts by exploring the Dart ecosystem. This is followed by two chapters that will show you everything you need to know about Dart syntax and development principles. Throughout the rest of the book, you will apply this knowledge to advanced topics with the help of an example-based approach.

Dart for Hipsters

Written by Chris Strom

Psst! You’re not stuck with JavaScript anymore. Dart for Hipsters teaches you the fastest way possible: with real code and real projects starting on page 1. The unabashed goal of Dart is to make programming for the Web simpler, faster, and more powerful. And Dart for Hipsters is the fast-paced, most thorough way to learn it. You’ll explore the ins and outs of Dart by writing a simple application that grows in complexity from modest beginnings to a separate library that fully leverages the power of Dart. Caution: after reading you may develop an intense attachment to structured code and skinny jeans.

Dart in Action

Written by Chris Buckett

Dart in Action introduces the Dart language and provides techniques and examples showing how to use it as a viable replacement for Java and JavaScript in browser-based desktop and mobile applications. It begins with a rapid overview of the Dart language and tools including features like interacting with the browser, optional typing, classes, libraries, and concurrency with isolates. After you master the core concepts, you move on to running Dart on the server and creating "single page" HTML5 web applications.

Dart: Up and Running

Written by Kathy Walrath and Seth Ladd

With Dart, Google has developed a web development language that not only matches the dynamic nature of JavaScript, but addresses its problems as well. This practical book gets you up to speed on the Dart language, libraries, and tools for developing structured, fast, and maintainable web apps that run in any modern browser. The Dart platform has been designed to scale from simple scripts to complex apps, running on both the client and the server. With this book, you’ll learn how Dart can help you architect and develop HTML5 apps for the modern Web.